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Should teachers have a different lesson plan for each pupil?

No and Yes.

No. The idea of the teachers lesson plans to create for a group of students with a common subject or topic of learning. Creating a teachers lesson plans for each pupil would mean the time to spend on creating a lesson plan is far higher and greater than executing. I feel the importance of the teachers lesson plans would lose the essence.

Yes, because every pupil is unique in learning and grasping capabilities. I would focus on creating a lesson plan for giving attention to the student from both ends who are not able to grasp versus the ones that can grasp. if it works in my find I would create an activity between students who would engage with each other and teach the concepts, topic, or subject.

Context matters - If you are a private tutor or homeschooling then definitely, keeping the learning outcome in mind, then there is no choice here to bring the teachers lesson plans for each pupil, it would be appreciated, add value and the time spent would be productive and constructive.

The idea behind the school lesson plans is the learning outcome of the pupil grasps the concept. If it is as a private tutor or a class of 40+ students, measuring the learning outcome is more important.

How does lesson planning help teachers?

Effective Teachers lesson planning is at the core of a good classroom. The strategies teachers can use to create your lessons also play a role in how effective they are. Lessons that are planned and designed efficiently can free up classroom time teachers can use to answer questions and address concerns.

The first session of Katherine Ann Watson, played by Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile as a teacher has had a bad experience, where the students completely knew it all. The teacher goes prepared with the idea that she will be taking a chapter from the designated book and a bunch of proactive students have already finished the entire book. She was a free-thinking art teacher who teaches in a conservative university. She does not follow the college's rule book but ends creating her style of lesson plans. her lesson plans were individualistic, personal, and thought-provoking. An art teacher's learning outcome for the students is creativity, from the student's point of view the creativity can be put down on a piece of paper, she needs to inspire the students to think creatively, her learning outcome. Through the teachers lesson plans, she was able to give direction to the class and created the ambiance for free-thinking and creativity. The teacher understood the learning outcome was not going to be theoretical knowledge, it needs to be more intellectually stimulating. She should start evaluating the students based on the discussion and their point of view, and when she is satisfied with the answers she should proceed with her next lesson. From her first session where the students took over the class; with her new set of Lesson Plans, she gained confidence and was able to project to the students.

To be effective, the teachers lesson plan does not have to be an exhaustive report that describes every possible classroom scenario. Nor does it have to assume every student's response. Instead, it should give you a general outline of your learning objectives, teaching goals and achieve them. A productive teachers lesson is not one in which everything goes correctly as planned, but one in which both students and teacher learn from each other.

Does the school give the teacher a lesson plan for the curriculum each school year?

The education board gives broad guidelines to schools. The school needs to give direction to the teachers. The teachers would make the school lesson plans for the students. The new education policy (NEP) gives a broad outline of the medium of instruction to be in English or mother tongue. There has been a lot of debate on this topic. Here is my point of view, I believe it is the school's prerogative to choose the medium of instruction. Similarly, for each subject school needs to give direction to the teacher of what are the learning outcomes for each subject. The teachers should create their strategy, methodology in achieving those learning outcomes for the students.

Knowledge sharing between teachers - teachers sharing their Lesson Plans, their learning, their approach, their understanding of using technology, their research, and their consideration of students learning experience. This would work better to learn from each other and experiment with new approaches and teaching style. This acts as a peer learning experience should be given dedicated time in schools for teachers.

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