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Mining, Refining, Enriching, Channelizing

Where does precious steel come from? The Iron ore is mined; it is refined; then it is enriched with trace elements like carbon, nickel, chromium, etc. It is cut into shape for pipes, sheets, etc.

Can we get clean valuable educational content from the internet?

There is a lot of content on the internet and Online Learning Platforms. There is an excess of content. And we know now about "Less is more", "Minimalism", "Google-style UI" etc. How can we get the minimum and exact content? Can the processes of Mining, Refining, Enriching, and Channelizing be applied for educational content?

  • Let us start understanding the problem in reverse. Who needs the content? For what purpose? The steel plant – makes steel as sheets, pipes, or beams – depending on the end-use. A sheet covers the roof or a car and the pipes are used in plumbing.
  • There are many videos and worksheets on the internet. We have to somehow figure out – who needs them and for what purpose? For which class? Is it for primary learning or is it for support material? for a teacher or a student? Understanding the purpose is important and defines our upstream processes. This is channelizing
  • Can we use the material as it is? Does it need to be used along with something else? Is a video explaining the concept needed with the worksheet? Or is a worksheet needed to verify the learning in the video? Are the activities needed? What will be the role of the teacher? Is one required – for example for junior classes it will be safe to assume that learning will be teacher-led? So, what will the teacher need along with the video and the worksheet? This is enrichment.
  • There are many good links. Which one will you choose? Of course, it depends on your requirements. It is also good to have backup links – in case one is removed from public access for some reason. This is refining.
  • Mining is the start of the curation process. During mining – you know that you are mining copper ore and you will do it in a place where the ore is rich in copper.

Online Free Tuition Classes - Online Learning Platform

Amazingly, there are so many parallels. Can we apply these principles and processes for information mining for specific processes for education, for policing, for filtering fake news, etc? This throws exciting possibilities. It stops there! At least as of yet. These are early days and these processes are semi-manual. Learning from these will be invaluable.

tickLinks is attempting to apply these principles to the field of K-12 education. If there are no IIT and NEET coaching institutes – The same set of Students will qualify for IIT/NEET. This is my hypothesis. This means that coaching institutes play no role in boosting student performance. The students who are hardworking, persistent, and can keep their calm in a pressure situation (and with reasonable analytical skills) – will make it.

With online classes on the Online Learning Platform, these distance learners join in virtual lectures, chat with fellow students, pose questions to professors, take virtual exams, conduct research, and much, much more.

The online learning platform permits students to partake in courses using the web. They don't have to visit auditoriums or study halls, and they can decide to take in anything they desire from the comfort of their own homes.

Online learning is additionally a route for topic specialists to pass on their insight satisfyingly. What's more, you don't need to be a commonly recognized name to acquire footing in the online learning platform.

Nonetheless, that is the excellence of the online learning platform. Because you take an online course doesn't mean you can't seek after other customary instructive undertakings. Indeed, balanced schooling is exactly what e-learning gives.

How do students learn these skills? Do they already have these skills – when they join the coaching class?

Well, let us take a step back. How do students learn these skills? Many of these skills and traits are acquired through early childhood experiences. These experiences could be a mix of positive reinforcements or dealing in tough situations. We yet do not have the formula to deliver the right set of conditions for the positive development of these traits.

And these traits are not all the ones that are required to be successful in life. Social and Emotional skills are a large part of drivers for success in life. Let us take back a step again. So, what is the role of coaching institutes? If they are not there – will it save money for many parents and stress for a few students.

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