5th OCT - 9th OCT, 2020

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With all of us pivoting to a virtual world, we’ve been inundated by online education conferences and ways to learn virtually.

A lot of us have also spent time asking important questions. How will our children learn this year? How do we balance well-being with learning outcomes? How do we upskill our teams with new skills? We've also been thinking about the New Education Policy and its many promises and hopes.
Join us at inspirED 2020 to listen, share and act together.

At inspirED 2020, you'll be amongst students, educators, policymakers, parents, and funders. We'll listen to each other. We'll hold diverse perspectives. We'll find synergy and act collectively towards an excellent education for all our 260 million school children.

Conference Themes:

InspirED is a conference for listeners, learners, dreamers and implementers. Sessions will fall under three broad themes:

Listen and Learn - Listen to and learn from educators and diverse stakeholders on issues of great relevance today: the vision, priorities and gaps of the New Education Policy 2020, blended learning and ensuring students continue to learn.

Dream together - Inspired by the #whatif movement created by Dream-a-Dream, we will hold spaces to unleash our creativity and imagination on what education can look like. Dream together about actions to move the New Education Policy 2020 from paper to reality.

Act together - Build a collective commitment and action towards the New Education Policy 2020