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How to Make Online Learning More Fun and Interactive

Here are the 5 best tips that will help teachers to make online lessons fun and interactive:

  1. Discover what excites your students
  2. Fix goals and encourage students to stick to them
  3. Cut down the content in lessons and make them digestible
  4. Make your students feel valued
  5. Use technology to your advantage

  • Discover what excites your students

Just like in any classroom, the real solution to keep students involved in online learning platforms is to discover what excites them and give them a purpose to be involved in the classroom.

Whether you're teaching online or offline, use the best online teaching tools you would use in a real-life classroom. Set up the fun by playing music or just go with the drawing tool, reading aloud, emoting, quiz and so on!

Most students and adults do not speak-up or answer questions esp online. Create a poll. Place a controversial topic for discussion, write something obviously wrong – to get a discussion going!

  • Fix goals and encourage students to stick to them

A different way to keep students engaged with their studies is to set goals and keep recalling their progress. Make sure every teachers Lesson plans has a clear outcome that teachers share with their students at the start of the class.

One easy way is to introduce short-term milestones into the classroom – and make sure these are aligned to the outcome. This will help students to understand where they are in the online learning process and the context for any activity they are doing in the Online Learning Platform.

Then imagine how you might reward students for finishing tasks (or, even better, for working hard) during a lesson, So teacher needs the best tools for online teaching.

Teachers could try positive points, feedback, badges, playing games, or doing other fun learning activities that student likes.

Setting long term goals might not be useful but do check in with students and set goals commonly for the next month, 3 months, or 6 months down the line.

  • Cut down the content in lessons and make them digestible

Timing is important in online learning, and you might need to split up your online lessons separately than you would with face-to-face ones.

As a common rule, it's a good idea to keep a fast pace and break down information into short, easily digestible pieces. Practically, this means to clear off lengthy explanations and slides with too much text!

Mixing up the pace of teachers lesson plans by adding a variety of activities to make the time fly by for students. Teachers can take help of Online Teaching Tools for Teachers & apps for teachers lesson plan like tickLinks to make lesson plans for the online classroom.

tickLinks has high quality and trusted & free resources for the teacher. Lesson Plans, activities, worksheets, video, etc.

  • Make your students feel valued

The fact is the loneliness experienced by students studying in online classrooms can be an immense factor in making them feel demotivated.

They might think that no one will care or notice if they miss a class or remain silent and keep their cameras switched off.

The best way teachers can help change this is by making their students feel valued in the classroom.

How can it be done?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Periodically call the students by their name. Appreciate their work. Ask them to speak about it. Memorize all student's name and handle their name throughout the lesson, and make sure they learn yours
  • Catch up on what you did in an earlier class, so that your students are aware you're on top of what they're learning
  • Give regular feedback on students' work
  • Find out about student's interests and incorporate them into the school lesson plans where possible
  • Stay positive, keep encouraging, and be present always
  • Use the advantage of technology

Online Learning Platform for students comes with its challenges, but also puts a whole load of really cool tools at your fingertips.

tickLinks by open links foundation (OLF) is a non-profit registered in 2017 in India, with a mission to make education Fun and Relevant.

Teachers influence the learning experience of over 90% of school students. tickLinks, by OLF, helps teachers find the right resources – Lesson plans, activities, worksheets, videos, etc. It reduces their class preparation time and improves class effectiveness.

Our mission is to help the classrooms transition from Teaching spaces to Learning spaces. Children should develop the confidence to ask questions, express their thoughts, do new things, be afraid to make mistakes and develop respect for all forms of work, people, and things.

tickLinks has over 8,000 high-quality lesson plans for Class 1-10th covering - Maths, EVS, Science, English, and SST. These are open links and freely accessible. We are translating these plans to Hindi. We have CBSE and various state board curriculum – Punjab, Assam, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Assam - and others.

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