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Achieving a Polished Classroom performance

I'd come home and spend most of the evening correcting homework and grading.

'What the hell am I going to do with two hundred teenagers tomorrow?' I would hope for a lightning bolt of creativity to strike. I suffered a panic attack as I visualized myself standing in front of them empty-handed, having no creative way to communicate the relevance of learning Algebraic Expressions and Identities.

During my BEd, I was told to regard each lesson as a polished stone - logically sequenced, caters to all learning types, provides enough wait time, is engaging, and flows seamlessly with the rest of the curriculum.

In reality, despite my best efforts, I was stitching lessons together up until the minute before they started.

What is the need for a lesson plan? Are the book and the curriculum not sufficient? No – that is the simple answer. The teacher uses the book to construct the "play" that will unfold in the class. There are many important aspects:

STEP 1. The first and most important thing is the definition of a clear outcome. Every presentation or play has a clear message and actionable for the audience. What will be students learn tomorrow? What will they be able to do after the period? How is it relevant for them? Remember if the goal is not defined – we will never reach it. For that Teachers Lesson Plans are a must need.

STEP 2. Once the goal is defined – the next step is to prepare to reach the goal – with suitable tools like presentations, activities, worksheets, case discussions, videos, time plans, etc... No journey can be undertaken without adequate preparation and tools.

STEP 3. Then the teacher has to mentally rehearse out their class. A few key questions that will cause wonder. Facilitating discussions, a few magical awe-inspiring moments. And keeping in mind how to carry the variety of students at different levels in the class.

Would an experienced teacher not have all of these at their fingertips? Yes – but even the experienced teachers prepare for their classes – to deliver that fabulous performance every time. The students are different, new thoughts are coming from the internet and media, etc... There are many reasons why preparation and mental rehearsal before the class is a must even for the most experienced teachers.

So where do teachers find so much time to prepare for their classes? They don't! This is one of the big challenges. In absence of proper preparation – the class sessions end up as teaching and students miss out on learning opportunities.

tickLinks helps teachers with curriculum-aligned lesson outcomes, activities, case studies, worksheets, videos, etc... for each period and teachers can make teachers lesson plans. This provides a ready framework for teachers to build on. And then the teachers can focus on class engagement and delivery.

Smart Learning Management Platform. Built for Global Enterprises and a new-age workforce. The best alternative for all your learning needs. tickLinks is an Online Learning Platform, Online Teaching Tools for Teachers, or course management system (CMS) - a free Open Source software.

What is an Online Learning Platform?

An Online Learning Platform is an integrated set of interactive online services that provide teachers, learners, parents, and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

Benefits of the online learning platform

The benefits that online classes give, such as flexibility of time, earning time and location meet the requirements created by the lifestyle of most Students, in which there is a shorter time to get to a classroom and meet fixed schedules.

It's easy to see how online learning can be advantageous, offering several benefits including:

  • Immediacy: Students can learn pretty much whenever they want
  • Breadth: Students can find opportunity in almost any subject/topic
  • Cost: Online learning platform like tickLinks is free and often less expensive
  • Self-paced: Students can typically move and learn at their own pace
  • Comfortability: Students can learn in whatever environment they prefer

What makes a good Online Learning Platform?

A good Online Learning Platform that is engaging and focused on the learner ensures that a course becomes something more than just knowledge absorption. It turns the whole idea of learning into a pleasant, immersive experience.

What are Online learning platforms?

A digital learning platform or Online Learning Platform is a piece of software designed to heavily assist during the educational process. ... They include learning management systems (LMS), learning content management systems (LCMS), as well as virtual classroom tools and virtual learning environments (VLE).

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