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Good lesson plans with clear learning outcomes and aligned learning material are essential. To achieve the NEP 2020 dream of holistic learning, of arts integrated education, value integrated education, story integrated education etc,, Teachers have to be prepared with good material and ideas – as they enter the classroom. Only then can they engage the students for holistic education.

Learning resources help in planning lessons effectively, schedule class on calendars, explain concepts better, conducting quizzes and activities at ease, and tracking the progress of the students.

Various tools and websites for effective management of learning came to rise after the pandemic struck the world, making education shift to a virtual class. However, in India we have many state education boards with a different approach to learning and teaching. Curating resources for different boards becomes a tedious job.

To make things easier we have one platform, tickLinks – which has lesson plans and resources for many different state education boards to find teacher’s resources.


tickLinks is a free and easy-to-use platform and app. It uses progressive educational practices to make available lesson plans that are tailored to different boards and curriculum. The lesson plans come with clear learning outcomes, activities, worksheets, stories, cases etc.. to help the teacher to get class preparation ideas.

In the app, topics are broken down into period and chapter-wise lesson plans with clearly defined objectives for student learning. tickLinks, by OLF, helps teachers to find the right resources - Lesson plans, activities, worksheets, videos, etc. It reduces their class preparation time and improves class effectiveness.

tickLinks has over 9,500 high-quality lesson plans for Class 1-10th covering - Maths, EVS, Science, English, and SST. These are open links and freely accessible. tickLinks have covered school lesson plans for CBSE and various state board curriculum- Punjab, Assam, Jharkand, Meghalaya, etc...

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

The Central Board of Secondary Education, i.e. CBSE is a national board of education in India practiced by all public and private schools, controlled and managed by Union Government of India. All the schools in India associated with CBSE follow an NCERT curriculum. It may be regarded as the sum total of a planned set of educational experiences provided to a learner by a school. It provides general objectives of learning, courses of study, subject-wise instructional objectives and content, pedagogical practices, and assessment guidelines like quizzes, entry cards, road maps, etc.

tickLinks provides lesson plans for CBSE following the NCERT guidelines. Click on the link below to have access to learning resources.

Punjab School Education Board  

Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) is a school board based in Mohali, Punjab. The board was founded to administer the curriculum taught in public schools and it publishes its own textbooks. PSEB conducts a matriculation exam at the end of the secondary schools. Punjab board is mainly responsible for preparing curriculum and syllabus for all affiliated schools that come under PSEB.

tickLinks will help you find and manage lessons on the below link.

Maharashtra State Board Of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education 

One of the important tasks of Maharashtra State Board is to conduct the SSC for the 10th and HSC for the 12th examinations. The syllabus and lesson plans of Maharashtra Board are provided on TickLink websites. tickLinks provides resources for Maharashtra board teachers. It acts like Wikipedia, an open-source for any learning resources.

Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education

Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary education is an autonomous body under the education department of Andhra Pradesh. Its main responsibility is to manage and supervise Secondary education in the state. The board sets their own syllabus and conduct examinations. Ticklicks have high-quality lesson plans and resources available for teachers of Andhra Pradesh Board. This makes it cost and time-effective for teachers. Visit the below link to organize the lesson plans properly.

State Board of School Examinations, Tamil Nadu

Also known as Tamil Nadu Board, has the responsibility of conducting examinations and distributing the exam funds for the students studying in 10th and 12th. The medium of instruction for Tamil Nadu Board is English and Tamil. To deliver outcome-based learning, tickLinks is an online tool made to improve class effectiveness for teachers and make their job easy. To get lesson plans and resources for this board, click on the below link

Board of Secondary Education, Assam

Popularly known as SEBA, is a state-level education board for ensuring the quality of education imparted to the schools across Assam. The board updates the syllabus every year. tickLinks helps teachers find relevant worksheets, videos, activities for each board reducing class preparation time. To find worksheets, videos, and various engaging activities of Assam board, go to this link.

Meghalaya Board of School Education

Abbreviated as MBOSE, the board was set up to control, regulate and supervise matters related to school education in the state of Meghalaya. Their vision is to deliver quality education to improve children’s lives and help them attaining excellence in their lives. So does tickLinks, it sought after the preparation beforehand and tickLinks provide over 8000 lesson plans for teachers. To get your access to Meghalaya board. Go through our website

Telangana Board of Secondary Education

It is a Board of Education in Telangana, India. The board regulates and supervises the functioning and development of education in state and private schools in the state under the government of Telangana. The board offers various courses for different occupations to students.

tickLinks maps out a detailed roadmap for teachers to conduct classes hassle-free. One can find all the resources needed for quality outcome learning from 1-10th covering all the units, lessons, subjects, and activities required. Check them out in the below link

Jharkhand board of education

Jharkhand Academic Council is a state government agency for education administration in the state of Jharkhand. Few major functions of this agency is to specify the courses and prescribe syllabus, to select textbooks for examinations, to publish the results and grant certificates to those who passed its examination.

TickLinks will help teachers in Jharkhand to find out detailed lesson plans for the curriculum based on the education board. Find them on the below link.

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