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CBSE Board Curriculum

IIT and NEET Coaching Institutes

If there are no IIT and NEET coaching institutes – The same set of Students will qualify for IIT/NEET

This is my hypothesis. This means that coaching institutes play no role in boosting student performance.

The students who are hardworking, persistent, and can keep their calm in a pressure situation (and with reasonable analytical skills) – will make it.

CBSE Board Curriculum

How do students learn these skills? Do they already have these skills – when they join the coaching class?

Well, let us take a step back. How do students learn these skills? Many of these skills and traits are acquired through early childhood experiences. Students frequently go to coaching centers because they don't want to lag in the race to ace the JEE and NEET exams. Because everyone around you is taking the coaching. Taking coaching for competitive exams at this stage accommodates students to build relevant and analytical reasoning skills, which are useful in studying for school exams as well. Coaching centers provide an environment that promotes dedication towards a goal. A competitive atmosphere drives students to work harder and build a habit of punctuality and discipline.

These experiences could be a mix of positive reinforcements or dealing in tough situations. We yet do not have the formula to deliver the right set of conditions for the positive development of these traits. And these traits are not all the ones that are required to be successful in life. Social and Emotional skills are a large part of drivers for success in life.

Let us take back a step again. So what is the role of coaching institutes?

If they are not there – will it save money for many parents and stress for a few students. What do you think?

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