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Outcome-based Learning Design

It is essential for a teacher to set clear outcomes for each class – as the first step towards the charismatic & persuasive class.

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Mining, Refining, Enriching, Channelizing

There is lot of content on the internet. In fact, there is an excess of content. And we know now about “Less is more”, “Minimalism”, “Google style UI” etc..

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The problem of homework on Whatsapp

In whatsapp major problem is students delete the whole chat to convince their parents that no Homework is assigned.

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IIT and NEET Coaching Institutes

This is my hypothesis. This means that the coaching institutes play no role in boosting student performance.

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Teachers Lesson Plans

Standing in front of forty kids at a time feels like doing a musical performance for a restless audience,

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Teacher Tools Online

The first session of Katherine Ann Watson, played by Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile as a teacher

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Online Classes for Students

Radha madam continued speaking. She could see some faces on the screen. Most of them had switched off..

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10 Advantages of Taking Online Education

With online classes, these distance learners join in virtual lectures, chat with fellow students...

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Tips for Teachers - Lesson Planning for Online Classes

An all-around planned exercise for online classes helps promote student learning and commitment.

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Online Free Tuition Classes

I'd come home and spend most of the evening correcting homework and grading...

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