Benefits of Self Confidence in Children

Benefits of Self Confidence in Children

What Experiences lead to Learning in Children?


What do children enjoy doing the most?

- Play

- Listen to stories

- Imitate parents

Do they always learn from these experiences?

e.g. If they had a bad experience in the swimming pool – will they spontaneously want to be in the pool again?

A lot of it depends on the confidence that the child gained/lost in the process. If the child loses confidence, they may be scared to try the same again. On the other hand, if the child gains confidence, they will certainly be excited to try the same thing again.

Why Self-Confidence is Important in Children

Self-confidence enables students to handle setbacks, mistakes and failures with ease. Instead of being crippled by it, resilient children get up quickly, learn from their mistakes, and try again. They accept that the said failure is a part of life and growth and take more chances as a result, which promotes internal growth, making them even more successful later in life.

All learning is a discovery or a journey of exploration. By its nature, any exploration may have successful or unsuccessful outcomes. That is a part of life, the uncertainty of outcomes. But it leads to learning.

How do you Build Self-Confidence?


How can one build self-confidence as a learner in order to attempt to explore and discover, you ask?

Here's how -

Develop your abilities

Learn new skills

Learn music, art, storytelling, and sports – which many people can easily appreciate

Seek successful experiences

Repeat things that you can do easily and improve upon them

Set manageable goals with moderate difficulties

Make progress towards longer-term goals

Seek out Positive emotional experiences

Be with people who are positive and good influence to you

Be with people who offer constructive criticism

Be with people who are happy about your growth

Build friendships & good relations

Enjoy social interaction

Be inclusive of everyone

Help, give and be kind

Win some prizes

Get acknowledgement


Be content with yourself and your skills

All these steps are interrelated and work together hand-in-hand. For example, if I learn a skill, my self-acceptance increases. Or if I get acknowledged, my self-acceptance increases. Similarly, my self-confidence too. Alternatively, if my self-acceptance is high, I am more like to develop new friendships. And if I have many friends, I may get acknowledged for my abilities more often. Points 1 and 2 are the easiest to start with as a learner, as one-self can do these without much external help.

Benefits of Self-Confidence

High confidence helps the learning and discovery journey in various ways.

Less Fear and Anxiety. Confidence builds a kind of wall within one, especially students, which makes them brave enough to tackle every problem they might face in their lives. It paves the way for them and their future as they become quick thinkers and problem solvers. You tend to be less worried as well when you are confident about your capabilities.

Improved motivation

When one has the bravery to tackle all problems in their life, the feeling of not stopping arises, you would want to keep doing things when you are victorious. And do them better, in a more efficient and more challenging way than before. You also go out of your way to try out and explore new activities to do. All of this leads to confidence, which motivates one to work harder.

More resilience

A confident young mind can tank any shot that is thrown towards their way. This happens because of the bravery and motivation mentioned above that are connected with confidence. Students become resilient to failure, not feeling embarrassed by them but taking them as a learning experience. This leads to taking up projects and doing things out of one's comfort zone in the future.

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