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7 Tips on How to make Teachers Lesson Plan for Outcome Based Learning

Teachers lesson plans are the best method to deliver an effective and engaging lesson. Teachers lesson plans also help to keep you on track and ensures that your students hit their goals and objectives, in line with their subject curriculum. Sometimes in the high-pressure system of education, it can be hard to find the time to create exciting lesson plans for outcome-based learning.

What is a Teachers Lesson Plans?

A teachers lesson plans is a document that outlines the content of the student's learning journey - step-by-step. It is a list of tasks that students will do, to help manage their learning.

The teachers lesson plan is a design that supports teachers in preparing a teaching pattern and does not let the lecture deviate from the subject. It also gives teachers learning objectives, questions, supplies, and activities.

A teachers lesson plan is normally arranged in advance. There are different terminologies. A unit plan is generally referred to as the plan for the chapter. A session plan is referred to as plan for one period. The word lesson plan is used interchangeably. Sometimes to denote a plan for the chapter or sometimes for one period. The idea is that the teacher has assembled and organized their teaching tools for the class.

Some sections that can be included in teachers lesson plan are:

  • Lesson activities
  • Lesson materials e.g. case studies, worksheets, teaching aids, craft material
  • Lesson objectives
  • Lesson goals
  • Lesson feedback

In outcome-based learning, the teachers lesson plan of the educational program (syllabus, teaching/ learning systems and evaluation) should be " adjusted" with respect to the student performance and knowledge levels. The teachers lesson plan should also adjust to the context of the students – like the location, the current world environment, student’s day to day activities etc.. To successfully guarantee that the course learning results are accomplished, the students should engage with the learning process.

Benefits of Outcome-Based Learning

  • Furnishes Online Learners with A Clear Way to Success
  • Customizes The eLearning Experience
  • Considers Self-Paced Learning
  • Advances Active Participation
  • Enables students To Track Progress and Identify Weaknesses and Strengths

Tips on How to make Teachers lesson plans for Outcome-based learning

1.Defining Course Objectives for each course.

A course can't simply process without an Objective. Planning the Course Objectives & remembering the context and level of a particular student group is essential for the effective execution of outcome-based learning. The conclusiveness lies in cross-checking if those course targets were met during the residency of the course. Remember the course objective should be more extensive, like optimistic explanations which instigates learning in any environment.

2.Mapping Courses with Program Learning Outcomes

To describe the outcomes, characterize the goals and abilities you expect the students to achieve. There can be some huge outcomes that will be assessed over longer terms and some more restricted outcomes that will help you measure their accomplishment rate in short terms so you can improve and modify the instructions of the learning strategies along the way if needed.

3.Mapping Topics with Course Learning Outcomes.

This progression can't be sidestepped when attempting to carry out an Outcome-Based Education. One needs to successfully meet the normal course learning by mapping well-thought-out topics alongside. An effective online teaching tool for teachers lesson plans can make the student's work simple here.

4.Preparing session-wise Course Lesson Planner.

A well-knit teachers lesson plan, an exciting and effective teacher's lesson plan is fundamental to instigate the students and help them attain educational value.

5.Measuring the performance of the students after each Assessment component

Measuring the progress of any student is the vital in any Outcome-Based Education. Both formative and summative assessments should be used for the purpose. Formative assessments should be creatively integrated with the teaching material - that targets prepping information and abilities to the student. Providing well accompanied curricular support adds to the depth of Outcome-Based Education.

6.Clarity and focus

Teachers can act and make teachers lesson plan well to accomplish the ultimate objective -RESULTS. The lesson plan has to be exhibited in detail rather than simply giving out some typical instructions and information from the books. This will assist students with moving the concentration from assessments to learning.

7.Learner centric

Result Based education is simply student-driven and the entire experience of training lays emphasis on developing the capacity of the student to learn. As per Outcome-based learning specialists, not all students become familiar with a similar route and at a similar speed. So as opposed to giving a normalized model, it acknowledges the variety and utilizations of the component of constant assessment to ensure that the students accomplish the desired outcome at the end of education.

tickLinks is an open stage and unreservedly accessible to teachers. We also work with schools and school chains. We run implementation and support to help teachers in getting settled with the concepts of outcome based learning and direct them to use the activity designs accurately. Besides this, we run workshops, and online classes to make teachers and administrators comfortable with use of tickLinks – to execute and monitor outcome based learning programs.

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