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5 Benefits of Learning Management Online

With a growing need to promote Outcome-based learning, needs an application or platform where teachers can access and create an effective teachers lesson plans. tickLinks is an application that can help teachers find and create school lesson plans, track the performance of students, manage records and offer constant support.

The primary advantage of using a learning management online system is it offers a strong wellspring of online learning platform. This implies that the preparation, execution and improvement learning are offered consistently from a similar source. Students and teachers can access the online learning management at their time convenience. The learning management online system guarantees consistency in the assessment and transfer of the material, which means each student and parent see a similar substance in a similar way.

Learning management system is an integral part of the online learning platform design and development process. If you're still doubtful about whether Learning management online is right for you or not, here are a few of the most pertinent reasons.

1.Creating Engaging and Interactive Class

Teachers can place a combination of relevant videos, images, text, and audio from different sources on the learning management online system, in addition to core lecture content, to create engaging online learning classes. Learners can also communicate and cooperate with teachers, which makes online learning interactive, and personalized. tickLinks,is an online learning platform with teachers lesson plans. It has features, so that the teachers can think about what they can do for outcome-based learning. The purpose is to make students to think differently and help them develop their learning skills.

2.Effective Learning Assessment

Learning management online systems act is a centralized source for information, distribution and education. Accordingly, we can guarantee consistency directly from the conveyance of study and learning materials to the assessment of students. tickLinks is an easy-to-use learning platform where teachers and students can associate unreservedly. Teachers can assemble associations with peers for learning purposes, share conclusions, and team up on various tasks. Teachers also keep themselves posted on the latest updates from their peers. In tickLinks we add contests and events, which can help students and teachers.

By building an active and vibrant community of teachers and learners – and guiding them to participate with adequate monitoring and incentives – the learning outcome of the entire ecosystem are developed.

3.Easy Content Customization

Learning management online makes it exceptionally simple for teachers to refresh existing objects or add new objects in a short time. This is often required keeping in mind the context of the class and abilities of the students. This thus keeps the class preparation fresh and applicable. Therefore, the online Learning platform makes mixed learning conceivable, wherein scenarios such as outcome-based learning, classroom-based learning, and mobile learning are all made possible.

4.Consistent and Scalable Content Delivery

All materials, assets, development plans, and assessment results are put away on a single platform. This further guarantees that preparation isn't restricted to the seating strength of a class.

All students will see updates and additions made to the substance, and the number of users can be handily scaled according to the requirements of the program.

One big benefit achieved is that it supports continuous teacher training. Teachers have access to structured way of thinking and also get access to new and exciting ideas. This helps them to develop themselves on a daily basis. It also helps in inducting new teachers and supporting students when teachers take leave. 

5.Conservation of Time and Money

Learning Management Online offers anytime-anywhere flexibility and can be delivered to teachers and understudies at their convenience. Subsequently, this virtual classroom can save money by decreasing transportation expenses and time-away-from-work costs. money spent on renting lecture theatres, printing paper material, and other significant expenses can likewise be saved. Further, the most expert teachers can train hundreds of students at a time without the need for managing different classrooms for training different groups of students.

Since students can drop in and exit the online learning platform at a specific time and return to work or different courses, a lot of time is also saved all the way from creating courses to assigning of tasks to grading, reporting, and feedback. This saves valuable time. Instant results and feedback delight both teachers and students in a big way.

tickLinks is an open stage and unreservedly accessible to teachers. We also work with schools and school chains. We run implementation and support to help teachers in getting settled with the concepts of outcome based learning and direct them to use the activity designs accurately. Besides this, we run workshops, and online classes to make teachers and administrators comfortable with use of tickLinks – to execute and monitor outcome based learning programs.

TickLinks has over 8,000 high-quality lesson plans for Class 1-10 covering - Maths, EVS, Science, English and SST. These are open links and freely accessible. We are in progress of translating these plans to the Hindi language to reach out to the maximum audience. We offer CBSE and various state board curriculum i.e. Punjab, Assam, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Assam - and are working on others.

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